Download the UAM

The UAM methodology, less the Logical Perspective Language (LPL) and Technical Perspective Language (TPL) and example IT architectures, is now available through a EUPL license. View UAM either online, or download a ZIP of the UAM methodology website:


The book that describes IT architecture, the UAM methodology, and how IT security is integrated into IT architectures is available for purchase online. Purchase A Simplified Approach to IT Architecture with BPMN – A Coherent Methodology for Modeling Every Level of the Enterprise, from iUniverse, Amazon or Indigo.  Anyone involved in IT, IT design, IT management, and IT development would benefit from reading this book—not just IT architects. The book:

  • Demystifies IT architecture;
  • Defines UAM IT architectures and what is involved in creating them;
  • Describes the integrated IT security architectural pattern;
  • Describes the UAM IT architecture life-cycle.

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