Term Definition: Technical Actor
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Main Description
A Technical Actor represents the types of interactions with the system. An actor may assume one or more roles, and can be equated to the external people or systems that interact with the system under study. Note that Actors are not individuals nor are they necessarily equivalent to job titles; instead, they describe the behavior in the enterprise and the responsibilities of the associated “user”.  An understanding and definition of required job titles and an associated organizational structure, however, can assist in ensuring that the clustering of Roles into Actors (i.e. User groups) defines a reasonable clustering of skills and a manageable and effective organization. An employee of the enterprise is typically multiple Actors (e.g. employee, manager, analyst, etc.) and therefore has many different Roles (e.g. employee-HR, budgeter, manager-HR, expense claimer, etc.). Likewise a customer is an actor that assumes various roles in relation to the enterprise.